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Mobile HF Installation of Jim WØIRE on September 16, 2006

Jim WØIRE just completed the installation of an Icom 706 MKII Transceiver in his Dodge Grand Caravan.  He showed it off at the September 16th BAARC breakfast.  (l-r in the photo) Jim WØIRE, Lyle KØLFV, and John WØJGY discuss the installation.
The 706 MKII Transceiver control head is above the regular car radio.

The console area, between the driver and passenger seats, is a custom-made item and has a digital voltage and current meter, a Kenwood dual-band 2-meter/440 TM-V7 Transceiver and a Radio Shack scanner-receiver.

The antenna is a 102-inch whip on a horizontal plate mounted to the trailer hitch assembly.  This is out of the way so the tail-gate can be opened easily.  There is a tennis ball on the antenna to keep the whip from hitting the paint on the car.

The antenna tuner is an Icom AH-4.  It automatically tunes the antenna from 80 to 6 meters.

Good going, Jim!

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